Defining the smart home experience.

Your personal home dashboard for IoT devices and services. Integrates with many of your favorite service providers to deliver a superior experience. Make your connected devices truly smart!


Protect the people that matter most. It’s not just about peace of mind, but also about being in the know. Aegis provides security options that allow you to be proactive... not just reactive.

Your home at a glance

Unlike other platforms, Aegis allows you to see the current state of your home from the dashboard. You no longer have to multi-click to see what light bulb is on.

Personalized experience

Aegis is designed to be a truly personal experience. When the dashboard is in standby mode, you will see the picture you uploaded, one of the many preferences you can set. You will also get personalized information about what is going on at your home.

How we do it

Aegis is a SHaaS (Smart Home as a Service). Built from the ground up using cutting edge cloud technologies we provide efficient, real-time updates from your connected devices.

First in class authentication

Aegis utilizes the newest technologies to ensure your sensitive information is never at risk.

Real time

Never miss an event again. Updates are reflected to the dashboard in real time.


Set custom alert preferences. Get notified when devices go offline.

Industry leading partners

Connect with industry leading services such as Wink hub.